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Car trouble Rental car no hand controls

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    Car trouble Rental car no hand controls

    This is a long story long. I bought a certified used Toyota Salara. The kind with the 160 point inspection with warrenty.
    I had it a week and the check engine light came on went off back on. I called the dealership they said it was nothing to worry about that it was something simple like a gas cap might be not screwed on tight enough.
    They finally said to bring it in after I kelped calling and harrassing them. We got up there and they closed at 12 o'clock for a funeral. I was PO'ed. They should have told me that.So we left. They asured me nothing bad was wrong. I told them I had to take a trip to Florida was in a wc and could not deal with any trouble.The car never ran hot or made any strange noises. I was there a week and on my way home I was five miles out of town in Florida (thank God) and the motor blew up.
    I called my ex son-in-law. He came and got us, called a wreaker, they took it to a Toyota dealership in Fort Walton Beach. It took a week to put a new motor in the car. I stayed an extra week with my daughter. Good.
    So, here is another biggie. I have all this warrenty for a free rent car but no dealership has hand controls. Now, I am about to become an advacate. I think all dealerships should have a pair of hand controls to accomadate the handicapp. Portable ones can be bought and kept there for little of nothing.
    What good is my insurance or warrenty for a rent car if someone else has to drive it for me?
    I would love to know what I could do about my car and how they sold me a so called perfect car.
    Then who can I call to find out how I can start getting companies and things changed for the handicap? I have talked until I am blue in the face about getting loaner cars that my warrenty covers and insurance covers but have been told that is just the way it is.That someone will have to come get it for you and they will have to be covered under my insurance.
    I don't have the privelige of having someone to drive me around and should not have to.
    Sorry for the long story but does anyone have any suggestions on how to handle both problems? I would really appreciate it.

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    I'm in Canada but doesn't the States have 'lemon laws' regarding newly purchased vehicles?

    As for a rental vehicle, I know what you mean. I run into that all the time. Takes a week to get a car with hand controls ... by that time you don't need it anymore.
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      Cool. I own a Solara as well. Problem is that dealers do not want to be liable, NOR mess with non OEM type mods (hand controls). I have two cars just for that reason. That probably isn't an option, but I picked up my Accord for $1000 and it has used hand controls in it that cost like $100. It is going to be damn near impossible to get dealers to keep a set of hand controls around just in case...

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        lynnifer, I think the lemon laws differ between states, but I think in most states if you have to bring a car in for the same problem more than 3 times, they have to replace it or refund your money. It has to be a major problem, not something like a broken switch or something.

        I though car rental places were required to have accessable cars available. I watched some video in rehab made by a guy in a chair. There was a part about traveling, and he showed how to board an airplane, and how to rent a car. I think it was mentioned there that car rentals aren't exempt from the ADA and are required to have an accessable car. I remember he said to request a compact car because they usually don't install the hand controls in a compact, so you get a biger car at the compact rate.

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        Learn from the mistakes of others. You won't live long enough to make all of them yourself.


          I believe Alamo now guarantees availability of a rental car with hand controls with 24 hours or less notice. You might want to check with them.

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