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  • Saratoga Cycles and Table

    Please post any experience you may have with the Saratoga Cycle or the Saratoga Colorado Cycle, especially if you ride a handcycle. I would like to maintain handcycle specific fitness during the winter. Apparent advantages of the Saratoga Cycles over a trainer for the handcycle are less wear on handcycle gears and tires, and smaller space requirements than bringing the handcycle in the house. The main disadvantage is cost. Is variable resistance settings the main difference between the Saratoga and the Colorado? Can resistance be changed while pedaling? Is the table Saratoga builds (the Monarch table) worth the expense?

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    Ive got the Saratoga.I dont know anything about the Colorado.Im c5/6 i can change the resistance while pedaling,of cousre you'll have to pedal one handed while you do it.As for the table worth the expense? I dont think it is.I reinforced a $30 printer table and it works just fine.

    Its also because of the Saratoga that im purchasing a handcycle this winter.So it gave me handcycle specific fitness..

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