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Anyone looked at a MINI car?

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  • Anyone looked at a MINI car?

    I was looking at the MINI Cooper website, and that is one interesting car. A little clown-car-ish, but I kind of like it. Now for the reason I pose this question...Seems that the doors are advertised as opening a full 80 degrees. I would think that would make getting into one really easy as you can get your chair right in line with the seat. I remember seeing one at the auto show when they first came out and thinking, wow, this car is pretty roomy inside. This car might be something to look into as well as your standard big ass 2 door coupe. Only thing that I dont like about it is the S model with the higher performing engine is only available with a manual transmission, so the car wouldnt be a good pocket rocket for a wheelchair user, but still an interesting ride nonetheless. Anyone check one of these out in person yet?

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    An employee at Craig Hospital (low para, not sure of the exact level) uses a MINI with good results. I've watched him load the chair and it seemed to go quite easily. Large, wide opening doors, high roof, seemed like a practical chair car.

    His name is Dave (sorry, don't know the last name), he does off-spec custom engineering work for Craig patients. The front office could probably get you a contact number, or maybe Chris Chappel could hook you up with that info.


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      I think they're tight little cars... ever seen The Italian Job? I wouldn't mind owning one. The transfer seems like it'd be low, but I've never really looked at that aspect up close.