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What type of side/clothes guard do you use?

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  • What type of side/clothes guard do you use?

    I have a Quickie TI and I do not like the side guards that came with this chair. First, they make it difficult to fold down the back of my chair. There is a triangle looking thing that folds down with the back, and this piece is hitting the side guard. I usually put the chair in the passenger seat of my car, but the side guards prevent the chair from sitting correctly in the passenger seat (they are too tall).

    The ideal side guard would have the back corner cut off so the wheelchair back wouldn't hit it while it's folding down, and would be only 4 or 5 inches tall.

    What are my options? What kind of side guards do you use?

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    A friend of mine has elastic/cloth ones. They are sweet.

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      I don't use any, to me they're just needless extra weight/crap on your chair, my clothes rarely get dirty from my wheels and they are set in as close as possible.

      I did have some plastic Quickie ones that came with my chair that slid into slots so they were easy to take on/off if you needed to for transporting or transfering. They could also easily be cut/trimmed if you thought they were too tall or long.
      Scroll down towards the bottom of This Page to see the ones I'm talking about.


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        I just recieved my first Quickie Ti rigid. I specifically requested pediatric plastic clothes guards. It is level with the wheels unlike the adult clothe guards. The fabric clothes guards on my Kuschall serves no purpose.My Levi's are frayed on the right thiegh from constant abrasion on the wheel due to scoliosis. I also got a Verilite back. The Quickie Ti will serve me well. I hope this helps. Good Luck!
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          I don't know what kind of side gards you have. If you have the ones that side in the slot take them out when you need them out of the way. If you have the kind that stay on and you need them ( which I do to keep my overhang out of the spokes, accually my pants) I hade a friend that took them off and sawed them down to the size I needed them to be.
          Just a suggestion.
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            i run colours eclipse chairs w/ abs plastic guards or the new aluminum guards. but i dont fold my back down to put my chair in the car
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              Mine are a hard plastic but they easily slip in and out so I have no problems folding the back of my chair.

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