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  • Article on funding equipment

    This is a real comprehensive article on how to develop the paper trail that will lead to new equipment. Sorry if y'all get tired of wheelchairjunkie articles from me, this is one of the best info cources I've found in a long time. The part on what your prescription should address is particularly good; also the advice re trying again after being denied.

    A WheelchairJunkie's Guide to Funding
    By Mark E. Smith

    "...With the average powerchair in the U.S. costing $10,000, no wonder it's so difficult to secure funding for a new set of wheels. Nevertheless, by understanding how the rules of the funding game work, you can dramatically decrease the amount of time and frustration that often goes with funding a new wheelchair.

    Going into the process, remember that you are the one in control, and you're the one who must see that you get the funding you're entitled to. As many of us know all too well, insurers have funding limits, which have become lower and lower in recent years. While durable medical equipment (wheelchairs), only account for 1% of insurance spending, cost controllers see a big red flag waving when a claim for a $17,000 powerchair lands on their desk, so it's no surprise it can be a battle. The more educated and tactful you are, the more likely your chance of avoiding the dreaded rejection stamp..."

    The rest of the article addresses the process in much detail.


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