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Losing balance while driving.

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    You won't be in my area anytime soon will you?
    This reminds me of a quad friend I have. We were out partying one time and he was driving the first time after his accident.
    I was very trusting or maybe just careless at the time.So away we go on a cruise up to the lake. As we we're turning a corner he just fell over.We were turning onto a gravel road and there was a cemetery on the corner.Down through the ditch,through the fence and stopped in the cemetery.No harm done.His brother who was with us went and opened the gate and we went merrily on our way...


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      To help with your problem.I remeber seeing certain cars with "wrap around wing type sides" on the seats.
      Possibly in a car like a porsche or maybe it was a toyota for all I know.Someone else may have that answer.It may not be the answer but I think that coupled with other ideas just may give you more support..


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        to followup with what murrey said...

        I know a guy (AB) with a pair of Corbeau CR1s in his Jeep... they provide a good bit more "wrap around" support than standard seats. The transfer would be a little trickier, but they might be worth a look... plus Corbeau makes other seats that might do the trick too, although they're not cheap.

        Corbeau's website:

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          p.s. note in the pics that he doesn't use a racing harness with those seats.


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            OH CRAP! I said id take some pics for ya and i didnt.Sorry man,i dropped the ball....I'll get on it though...

            ~We must save the princess,or die trying~..Mickey Mouse


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              If a racing harness doesn't work or is too expensive, do a search for harnesses made for aircraft seats. Very similar.