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Tires for snow/rain

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  • Tires for snow/rain

    I am moving to Western Massachusetts. Does anyone have recommendations for manual wheelchair tires to use in the snow and rain?
    For gloves? Any other products that might help me get around?

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    I have gotten one pair of mountain bike tires who is called Schalbe Wild Things. I have not tried them because I got them this summer. But they look nice.

    You need gloves from gore-tex with wool gloves inside too. Wet wool is not cold.

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      Hi LMG. I have a little bit of experience in this area and this is what I have found works for me. I have a spare set of rims, same size as on my high pressures (25"). I put a set of Continental Cross-Country mountain bike tires on them. These are generally special order (any bike shop or I like to use REI) but are a bit thinner and therefore not as "tall" as most other mtn bike tires. W/my chair that means I do not have to adjust the axle w/a spacer or anything and simply swap one set of rims for the other. I then change my casters from 4" to 5" and my chair stays close to the same level. As to gloves woman from europe is right, gore tex and wool work well. My chices have been REI One gloves for summer/mild winter conditions. These have some type of leather on the inside of the fingers and palms that has held up better than anything else I have tried. The rest of the glove is polar tech power shield (or something) which makes the warm enough for fall/mild winter but not too hot for summer (I always wear full gloves). Colder winter times I found some gore tex/light insulation leather work gloves from Cabelas. If it gets colder I found some leather palm/gore tex heavier insulated gauntlet/gloves from Cabelas. Any questions or request for clarification feel free to let me know.



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        I live in Michigan and buy a couple of pairs of new lined leather gloves each year. Leather grips the wheels the best. I keep rubbing conditioner in them if they get wet and alternate pairs so I always have a dry pair.


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          i run primo all terrain knobbys year round on my spinergys. i tried mountain bike tires but the coloring came off onto my hands, turned them black

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            Thank you everyone for your replies. I will check out your suggestions.