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  • Professional wheelchair eval and recommendation

    I strongly urge everyone to be seated by an impartial expert. Wow. It's been a great experience. I've done my first two appointments at the wheelchair clinic at Kessler. She first gave me a complete PT eval to see if I needed corrective seating of some kind. Thankfully, I don't. Next we decided on which chair and accessories. They're going to create the exact setup for me to try before we order it. And they're helping with the paperwork. It's totally awesome.

    And the winning chair is... the Ti Sport X folding chair with frog legs, slightly wider castors, front castor locks, rigid clothing protector, Jay 2 back, spinergy wheels, totally cool ergonomic gripper handrims, and probably a few other things I'm forgetting. Can't wait to trade up. My Quickie IIhp was made for someone taller than me and feels like a dinosaur chair.

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    Congrats on the new chair! I have to chime in here on 'professional' evals and to take them with a grain of salt. I have personally experienced and have talked with others about the results of the 'professional' evals around these parts, and it is goofy what sort of equipment came out as a result of these evals. I'd say research, research, research, and know what sizes and what you want rather than relying on someone else's opinions, especially if they dont use a wheelchair in the first place. The results may be much more pleasant. Anyway, enough of my rant, sorry for rambling on a subject that turns my crank. By the way, how will that J2 back work on a folding chair?


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      I wish I had listened. Why must everything that be done right be done yourself!?!

      I've had the same darn chair for ten years and thought I needed a new one. I have the Quickie 2HP which is great for hauling in and out of a vehicle.

      So I told them I wanted to try a myriad of chairs and see how 'wheelchair technology' has changed in ten years. I got to try a Quickie Revolution and that was it. Comfortable as hell but also heavy and awkward to lift into a car - especially while fooling with taking the wheels off in pouring rain.

      So they went ahead and ordered me an exact copy of what I had except wider - too wide - and now they tell me 'too bad it's been billed already and you're stuck with it.' It's much heavier than my old one and completely useless to me.

      When I sit in it, it's too wide to wheel and uncomfortable. I also slouch big time in it and will have curvature of the spine for sure if I use it. I haven't figured out if I should just drop it back off at the store and tell them it's useless or what. Maybe I'll have to call my extended health benefit subscriber.
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        *Andy* - This lady will mention the different vibration absorption coefficient of titanium vs. aluminum. he he. She's awesome. She knows all about everything and anticipates every issue before it comes up. I was really impressed. And she was manufacturer agnostic. The big thing is that she has two dozen or more models you can try. If you want to try an accessory she doesn't already have she'll buy it for her operation and order you one later if you like it. This is ten levels higher than my previous "eval" experiences at the wheelchair stores. Kessler is a model SCI center.

        BTW, I first met the eval woman on an SCI whitewater rafting trip. She was part of the Mt Sinai SCI team. She is so totally cool and knowledgeable. Not everyone will get an eval like she gives but if you go to an SCI model center you're bound to get a good one, I think. Sure saved me all the research!

        I used a Jay 2 for years. I can remove it in three seconds or less. Not a biggie for me.

        Lynnifer - That is heart-breaking news. I'm really sorry. The newer chairs are lighter and more maneuverable. And they go over gravel and bumps better. I hope you can get things fixed.

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