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Wheelchair scooter attachment name?

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    What's exciting about the scooter is that I or my wife could lift it into the car, unlike the 75lb ZX-1.
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      doesnt the smart drive do the same with less equipment?


        It’s a whole lot more money
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          Originally posted by pfcs49 View Post
          It’s a whole lot more money
          most insurances cover it , I know Medicare and Medicaid do


            And whole lot slower...


              Originally posted by gps View Post
              And whole lot slower...
              AND your kids can ride it all over!
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                Well,...there was this ad in CraigsList, NJ: Segway Ninebot ES4 Scooters, new $350. Seven miles away
                For posterity: Liquidation on New Segway Ninebot Electrical ES4 Scooters - $399

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                ? craigslist - Map data ? OpenStreetMap
                (google map)

                condition: new
                delivery available
                make / manufacturer: Segway
                model name / number: Es4
                These overstocked Ninebot Segway ES4 units have never been used and 100% authentic. The units were originally customized for a rideshare company so the only difference is they are not foldable. Get these units at almost 50% off retail pricing (New Segway ES4 run $769 new).

                Fully compatible with the Segway App (Android and IOS) via Bluetooth with the Segway Serial Number on the Scooter.

                Changeable LED lights Front and Rear Tires
                Range Extender Pack Included!
                Anti-Theft Protection
                Front Wheel Shock Absorption

                The Segway ES4 KickScooter by Ninebot boosts up to 800W of power, significantly more than its product line mates, the ES1 and ES2. This enhanced power level delivers extended range and quicker speed, while still being lightweight.
                Comes equipped with a 2 amp charger.

                Top speed of approximately 19 mph (30 km/h*), and a typical range of up to 28 miles

                Assembly instructions located on QR code on box.

                *Bulk units available

                Email or call us with any questions!
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                posted: 12 days ago

                updated: about an hour ago

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                  I emailed thru CL internal link twice and got no reply. 350 and right down the street is pretty incredible!
                  Finally I went to scoot, got the 818 538 9333 number, and Robert answered. The price is now $400 and shipping is $57.34.
                  I sent him the $350 CL ad. He honored that, but the new price will be $399. I see it's already been changed.

                  So in about a week, I'll get it and see what it will take to mount it.
                  According to the info: 19mph! and 28mi range. We'll see. Six miles would be good, 12 would be great!
                  Its FWD so traction may be shitty, but I see it as "The Answer" for urban access. My ZX-1 won't make the hilly 3mi loop at my house-went ~2.5mi and died on the last big hill with almost new, fully charged batteries. I bet it goes much further in NYC but loading and carrying it sucks! I built a spiffy lift for wife's MB R350 diesel, but replacement Volvo X90 CrossCountry has too much slope in rear for the lift so I got a ramp which is barely manageable, needing to put ZX1, chair, and ramp in rear (doable but not great).
                  I hope to find that this scooter will be sublime on fairly level, paved ground, and am looking forward to seeing how viable it is in my local, rural environment.

                  More to follow!

                  PS: fabricating a hoist for ZX1 (which is available if someone needs it):
                  fabrication of lift to raise ~80lb ZX-1 into SUV
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                  69yo male T12 complete since 1995
                  NW NJ


                    The Segway scooter arrived today. I put it together. Had to load a free program and enable BlueTooth which I think enabled it. Now I think it runs with my BT off-at least it turns on and the lights still work.
                    I can't check to see if drive works now because of a little problem I hadn't anticipated: you need to "skoot" 1.8mph before it will enable the motor!
                    My 200lb neighbor obliged me and took it for a toot. It may be in one of the limited performance modes but it went 6mph up the quite steep road in front of my place. I (with some help) wheeled onto the thing and was able to get going in my driveway, but this 1.8mph stuff is bullshit!
                    I took the latching mechanism off my FreeWheel and I'll see about fabricating an adapter to join it to the neck of the scooter with no deck/no rear wheel.
                    For ergonomic reasons the steering column needs to move closer to me which would create lots of caster, kind of like a chopper bike, which would give it a lot of self centering torque which might allow one to push the chair to 3km/hr which is 1.8mph. Power cuts off anytime speed goes below this also, not very helpful on a NYC sidewalk!
                    I'll also explore a heck for the speed requirement but doubt it's very doable; the speed signal is likely generated in the front wheel/motor, so it's a difficult workaround. Theres several wires to the rear where there's some lights. Pray the VSS (vehicle speed sensor is there as well!
                    69yo male T12 complete since 1995
                    NW NJ


                      pfcs49 Sounds a fun project. I remember my kids Segway-Ninebot minilite had to do a certain number of km in limited mode before he could unleash the full power.

                      n Click image for larger version

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