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C5/6 Quad needs a transfer lift - BestStand Stand Assist Lift

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    C5/6 Quad needs a transfer lift - BestStand Stand Assist Lift

    Hi everyone. i've been a C5/6 Quad for 27 years. 25 of those years i was manually transferred by my Aids. I'm 6' and weighed 140 pounds or less for 25 years. However, by the fall of 2016, i ballooned to 200lbs+. This weight gain made transfering me difficult but still manageable for my Aids at that time. I lost one of my Aids summer of 2017. The people the agency sent to fill the opening could not transfer me. The Agency made me get a lift. i found a used EasyPivot. It's working great but my short aids have problems getting me up from my wheelchair because my weight and the brakes are useless. The butt strap has slipped off a couple times but thankfully over my bed and chair.

    Anyway, i'm looking for a new lift that is powered that doesn't involve a sling having to be muscelled under me. I found the BestStand Stand Assist Lift which looks like would work on me. however, they said its for people that can stand but need assistance. it looks like with my knees securely against the pads, the sling under the arms would bring me up at an angle which puts more weight onto my knees.

    Do anyone of you use this lift. what kind do you use. here's the video

    You don't need to have a sling "muscled" under you. If you use either a Surehands Body Support or a so-called "hygiene" sling for other mobile floor lifts, they are easy to apply for your attendants in both the sitting and supine or semi-supine positions. i would strongly suggest you look at a good quality floor based mobile lift which uses such slings.

    The EasyPivot also is not a practical lift to use for those who have an amputation or cannot fully weight bear on their feet, so has very limited applications. The same goes for other stand-up lifts, which really can only be safely used for someone who can help pull up with their arms or hold onto the handles. They are really designed for frail elderly who are not paralyzed.

    lf you also need to travel, you might want to look at both the Hoyer Advance and the Molift Smart, as they are easy to fold up and store in a small space, or take in a van or even on the plane.

    Please complete your profile as previously requested. Thanks.

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      surehands hygiene sling, their basic, just involves leaning forward for the part behind the back and lifting up each thigh and pulling the flap underneath. It's not at all difficult. I got rid of the body support brace as I feel it damages the shoulder joints.