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    Originally posted by Patrick Madsen View Post
    Solid tires August, She'll have to move those brakes back a bit.

    Patrick they all the way back to to cross bar quest the at log black piece is that what ur talking about sliding the clamps are as far back on the frame as we can get


      On most brakes the bar that hold the brake slides back and forth in the clamp when loosened. If the bar is drilled with holes for the clamp screws to go thru, a person would have to move the front hole in the bar to line up with the back hole in the clamp and drill a new hole for the front screw. I've never seeen a brake where holes are drilled to secure the bar to the clamp so should just be a mater of loosening up the clamp and moving the bar holding the brake back a bit.

      Make sure to mark where the clamps are now and also where the bar is located on the clamp.

      Looking at it again, it looks like you have the bar holding the brake all the way back to the clamp so it can't go any further back towards the clamp. If so, can the whole brake and clamp be moved back or is it at the crossbar already.?
      You could try angling the brake up a bit to clamp down on the higher portion of the tire. I imagine it won't take much
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        Are the bolts on the brakes all snug?
        I have found that if there is some play in the brake/levers themselves a little bit of play/loose feeling can cause noticeably less hold. Making them snug with an open-end wrench and hex wrench can make a difference in that scenario... just a thought.


          Are these the same type of tire you had on previously vj? If the bar doesn't slide and it's a 24" wheel or larger, the adjustment has to be either the clamp or in the mechanism itself. Or if they were designed for a 1 3/8ths tire or larger the throw would be too short.

          Looking at the front part of the brake. There are three holes. Two are empty with the brake mech, in the bottom hole, If it's secured by a bolt and nut, That may be where the adjustment is done. Looks like by putting it in the middle hole would push the brake mechanism forward and then adjust distance to the wheel with the clamp. Or is it just adjust the handle, kind of hard to tell.

          What type of chair,vj, and how old? I vaguely remember brakes like these when Quickie or Quadra first came out.

          Like Ches mentioned, check for snugness.
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            Patrick has a great idea. Try moving the nut and bolt to the center hole, then adjust the brake as needed.
            But if the push lever is already in the fully extended position I do not understand how moving the bolt will work.
            And if everything else fails, what about moving your rear wheels forward one quarter inch or so? Is that possible and or would you get too tippy?
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              Originally posted by vjls View Post
              they did when tires were new earlier this year but I ave 8 miles a day on them with my bike and they wore down a bit
              Just curious, is this a new problem? Have you adjusted your brakes before?