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Door Issue 2004 Toyota IMS Rampvan with an in-floor ramp

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    Door Issue 2004 Toyota IMS Rampvan with an in-floor ramp

    The cable snapped that winds through a plate of 8-10 pulleys to open my power operated door.

    The motor works because it cycles through the ramp process. I need to have someone manually open and close the door.

    It was hard finding a similar cable. We found one online and replaced the cable. However, the cable wasn't durable enough. The plastic sheared off when the door opens. Any advice on finding a more durable outer covering.

    I've heardabout all the problems with the early Toyota Sienna IMS vans and that Braun took over the responsibility of them

    I want to avoid going to the dealer and having them tell me that I need to replace the whole door system in the event that I can fix it with a new $20 cable.

    FYI: Here's a link of a technician's discussion of this van's door problem and the history of Braun and IMS.

    Do you know the part number? What I do is google the part number for stuff. Separately I "" the part number as those results usually are different than google.

    Failing that I am curious what the cable looks like. Maybe you could make one. Does it look like this:
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      It would be great if your local mechanic knew not only your van but also your conversion. This might be a good place to start.