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Tilite ZR front and rear seat height questions

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    Tilite ZR front and rear seat height questions

    Hello Everyone,

    I am ordering a new ZR but need to figure something out first, so I need your help, particularly in the area of front and rear seat height.

    I currently use a ZR and in need of a new ZR to accommodate a new thicker cushion for pressure sores.

    My current chair spec:
    15" width x 16" depth
    18.5" front seat height, 15" rear seat height, 3.5" dump
    85 degrees front angle
    24" rear wheels, 4" casters
    3.5" COG

    The current cushion I use is a Stimulite Classic XS cushion which is 2.75" height, and the new cushion I will be switching to is the Roho Hybrid Elite at 4.25" height. One is a honeycomb cushion and one is foam and air cells cushion, both of these will compress to different heights as they are different materials.

    To the seating experts out there, how much seat height should I lower for the new chair to accommodate the new cushion so I will be sitting at approximately the same height that I am used to now?

    Also, since the new chair height will be lowered, does the front angle need to be changed as well to change the geometry of the frame so it maintains the same foot print as my current chair, or does it not matter?

    Anything else I should be aware of when going from a taller height frame to a lower height frame?

    Thank you in advance. Your expertise is appreciated!

    May 2000, T4-5 Complete.


    The first thing I would do, if you already have or can get access to the new cushion, is sit in your currrent chair with the old cushion and take a measurement from the ground (to the top of your head possibly) and then put the new cushion in your current chair and take the same measurement so you know exactly what the height difference is between the two taking into consideration the extra give from the air cushion, etc. You may need someone to help get this measurement (and you may need a level). Then I would subtract that difference from your current rear seat to floor height and drop your front seat to floor height the same amount so you keep the amount of dump you have now.

    I wouldn't think the frame angle would need to be adjusted much if you are just dropping down ~1.5" but I think they have overall footprint or overall frame length dimensions on their order form so you should be able to match your current chairs footprint.


      Hi Brad09, good suggestion, I will do that.

      Thank you!
      May 2000, T4-5 Complete.