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    Got me to thinking about my winter van been about 3 months since I stared it. Sure as hell just went out to start it battery turn motor over slow then stopped. LMAO. Due as I say don't do what I do. Put it on fast charge and its already coming down on the meter.
    I have checked it this early summer and did the same thing. Did a draw test on it and it was zero soo that's not it. Battery about 3 years old. I just got lazy and did not charge it on my battery tender every month as I should. Gona play a few card games and try starting it and then check that's its charging on its own then put battery tender on it. Last time about a hour on fast charge it took right off then toped it off with battery tender after I make sure alt. is charging it. May do a draw test to make sure there is not a draw on it somewhere just incase.


      Originally posted by August West View Post
      A vehicle idling doesn't do a good job of charging a battery. Charge comes from current, which comes from RPMs. Low RPMs at idle means little charge. It's possible that the charge removed from the battery to start the vehicle is greater than the charge added to the battery at idle. Your effort to charge the battery may actually be discharging the battery. At some point you need to take the vehicle for a drive at high RPMs in order to supply enough current to charge the battery. Or else, apply a battery charger.
      I understand what ur saying hopefully someone will be able to pick it up and bring it home today then I am gonna have someone disconnect the lift as I really think that the shop did not I got to keep it home as I am hoping to go to ga next week