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Considering a switch from manual to power.

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    Contact John at Bike-on and see what he can do. If you do go for a ZX1, get lithium. Mine with SLA batteries gets around 2 or 3 miles at most on a charge while my other one with lithium gets around 9 or 10 at least.


      that is incorrect. i did a self claim on mine with code K0108. No problem. call your insurance and advocate for yourself. you know how to reach me im happy to discuss do not let your dme talk u into a smartdrive, its not good for our injury level. not at all. at the end of the day do what works best for you and your lifestyle
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      This is what my wheelchair lady told me, "The Spinergy system is not coded for insurance coverage. " rep
      c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
      sponsored handcycle racer


        I have tried quite a few chaired. Some longer than others. My longest lasting chair with least issues has been the Rovi X3. There are some things I have learned though when looking at chairs. 1. Weight does matter as some are not fit for weight over 250 or 300 due to center of gravity etc 2. Drive wheel location is very personal to each. I can turn on a dime and elevator in a mid wheel which lets me navigate my work environment very well. Others look for outdoor use and indoor navigation is not so important so they look to rear wheel. Others find front wheel best as they get closer to things. 3. All chairs have their advantages and disadvantages.

        if it were me I would first sit down and decide the most important features that cannot be compromised on
        features you can compromise on
        and features you are not interested in having

        just like manual chairs I think most of us are a train wreck on our first power chair but this forum would really be a life saver for most if found BEFORE ordering their first chair and not 3 months into their 5 month adventure with that chair.


          I used a manual only for the first 20 years of my C5-6 life then switched to a power when I moved to a farm. Never looked back. Everyone said I'd get fat, get weak, but it was just the opposite. It opened more doors for me to get out and do things, so I was more active.
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