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    Prafo shoe?

    My husband is a paraplegic who seems to be constantly battling heel sores, even though we use prafo boots on both feet at night. For the past several months he has had a relentless sore that would NOT HEAL even with bi-weekly wound care. Things did not turn around until he started wearing the prafo boot 24/7 and has a visiting nurse daily to change the dressing. His wound has improved dramatically and is nearly closed. At its worst, the doctor feared it was down to the bone! Surely there is either a company that makes real shoes - like a tennis shoe - with the prafo heel frame for offloading. If not, does anyone know where we might purchase just the frame and make our own??? Thanks.

    I am not a big fan of Prafo boots, since it is very easy with spasticity for your leg to kick and injury the opposite leg, and they don't really provide good protection of the ankle (maleolus) when laying on your side. There are many other types of boots that off-load the heel. A commonly used one is the Sage Prevalon:

    I am not sure what your goal is in finding a boot that is made like a shoe. Proper positioning of the feet on the wheelchair footrests, with a shoe on, is usually sufficient to protect feet when sitting. If up in a chair with an actual pressure injury on the heels, then using a heel boot such as those I described above is generally sufficient.

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