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    Originally posted by wes4dbt View Post
    Are you saying compression sock wont reduce the swelling in your feet, only help to keep it from getting worse? Also, that when relaxing in a recliner you should take the socks off?
    Noticed slow_runner has already posted to this but I thought throw my 2 cents...
    When first started my calf was over 25 some odd inches. Over years down to 18" at widest part of calf. Ankle went down couple inches, too. I wear ortho extra depth and with diabetic shoes due diabetic as well as to part one foot was lost from diabetic sore but shoe is 2 sizes smaller now due to less swelling.
    So, I really feel surgical/medical grade graduated compression stockings work. As far as testing, after some minor I&D on foot had leave compression off less than a week. Measurements was checked after healed before started back with compression, had get size larger stocking for couple weeks before got back down to my regular size before that.
    I lay dow in hospital bed twice daily to relief pressure back and rear. Have at risk along spine over to one should blade and history of rear end surgery. I keep stocking on while talking bed break. When I go to bed for night is when take off per clinic instructions.


      Thanks everyone for the replies. It's always helpful to hear about other peoples experiences, sometimes there are things you can adapt to your situation.

      I have a Permobil C350 for sale, see equipment for sale thread. I'm asking half of what they sell for used. Mine is like new, literally. Wish I could give it away but just asking for what I need for recent expenses.
      Has 4 power seat functions which are great for pressure relief and swelling. When watching TV, I kick back. Better than a lounge chair.
      That is a good price. I was thinking about using an electric in the house last night and I don't think at this time it is right for me. If I'm going to relax for a couple of hours, I transfer into my bed or my recliner. Plus it would make my day to day chores more difficult. My little condo doesn't have much room in the kitchen and bathroom. When I come back from grocery shopping and I'm putting things away while still in my electric, I have to be very careful when I'm trying to turn around or I'll break the knobs for my stove or rip a door off my cabinets. Done it several times. lol When I'm no longer able to transfer, then I will definitely get a chair with those functions. That said, it would be a nice chair to use when I travel because a lot of times I'm in my chair all day and it's not comfortable.