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    I recently got a new quickie xenon thinking that it would be similar to my tilitetx weight wise, but the xenon is too heavy for me to even use outside of the house. I lift my chair into the back of my car with one arm so if I can not do that it will cause injuries at the very least when I attempt to load it into my car

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    Unfortunately probably true.The TX was titanium I believe and the Xenon is aluminum. Plus your TX was made in the 90's. I have a Quickie 2 from that era that weighs 6 lbs less than my new 2gx. Guess which one sits in the back room?


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      I just tried to weigh it using my digital bathroom scale and the number that I got most frequently was 37.6#without a cushion. For a chair they advertise at less than 20# seems kinda high to me...


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        I was looking at new chairs recently and most of which I saw said the "Less than X lbs" only refers to the frame alone. As soon as you put a back, wheels, casters, and seat on it, it will obviously weight a lot more. I think it is slightly deceptive marketing, though I understand their perspective that they don't know or really care what other components you decide to put on it, so they can only claim the weight of their part of the whole. I believe a lot comes down to the DME and Seating Clinician to help a buyer understand the overall weight of a chair when picking options based on how the chair will be used, though we have the ultimate responsibility to ask the right questions and push for what meets our needs.


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          Fixed Front: as low as 19.4 lbs (14.4 lbs transport weight)
          Hybrid: as low as 20.9 lbs (16 lbs transport weight)
          Swing-Away: as low as 22.7 lbs (17.7 lbs transport weight)

          Weights based on common size (16" x 16") and can vary based on wheelchair configuration and material tolerances. Weights subject to change without notice

          19.9 was the TX claim. Neither is true except for a single minimum specification and options. Maybe even just for the frame. They usually say which spec or if that is just frame alone, somewhere in the marketing materials or order form. 37lbs seems quite high, indeed. Under 30 is my personal expectation for a "fully featured ultra-light" wheelchair (decent back, seat pan, side guards, aluminum casters, wheel locks, therapeutic cushion, rear wheels with pneumatic tires, and carry-all/pouch); getting closer to 20 as you ditch features. Start adding stuff like frog legs, armrests and swing away footrests and straps etc and things change quick. Accessories and their mounting hardware add up quicker than you'd expect.

          Originally posted by nauticalmike View Post
          I just tried to weigh it using my digital bathroom scale and the number that I got most frequently was 37.6#without a cushion. For a chair they advertise at less than 20# seems kinda high to me...
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            I won't waste ya'lls time on my van lift problems, but now instead of OKC lift shop(Same problem 3 attempt $$$wasted each attempt) it's at a local auto repair shop that said they never worked on lift but willing research lift to attempt to repair. So far they said found bad solenoid that releases lock stow position that after talking with Ricion agreed.We in no hurry since OKC shop.

            Anyway, I had go ER Mon night. So had call ER once there to come out get me from ride got. No rural transit here at night.
            Just dehydrated and electrolytes messed up. My history they did Cat Scan instead MRI due hardware in me. Looks like gonna need gallbladder out at some point.

            I need a manual I can handle with one good hand/arm into Nissan Kingcab or elderly neighbor could load/unload. My daily powerchair is 18" seat width 20" depth.
            Any recommendations on affordable out-of-pocket lightweight manual chair for backup for trip like this?