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    Originally posted by Patrick Madsen View Post
    Get Braun involved. I sent a van for conversion to Braun. It came back with a 13" drop floor rather than the 10" I was expecting. Even the billing to my insurance and myself stated it was for a Braun fold out ramp; which is a 10" drop. The Fold out XT is the 13" drop. An obvious mistake on, more than likely, the dealer. I had spoken with a Braun rep for close to a year when deciding who to go with. He wrote and asked how it was going with the new van. I told him the story and the dealer was not going to remedy the situation. He opened a case file where it reached the National level. I obviously had a case as they gave the dealer a 5 grand credit with my also paying an extra amount to get what I wanted. The one I sent was a 2018 and all that was available were 2019's. Hence the extra 3 grand on my part plus and extra 2 grand for really nice leather.

    Without Braun stepping in, the dealer wouldn't have done anything to remedy the situation. He has a reputation for that. You should have gotten Braun involved right away. I suggest you do so now, hope it's not too late. The only regret I have is getting the foldout rather than infloor. The setup is great, just the ramp is so long I find myself getting stuck due to ether the crosshatch space in H/C parking is too narrow or someone parks over the lines. I may end up getting it cut down or in the least, get the side rail of the ramp cut down so I can jump over it. I want to check first that it won't void the warranty. The guy I worked with was Patrick Pitcher at Braun.
    I got Braun involved right away. It took them a long time to reach the dealer. Then I got the name of someone high up, and sent him an email (given by another dealer). I was told that they would alert him I was writing, but after two emails I have heard nothing. I'm goin on Tuesday to have the lift worked on. It's now not folding well at all. It's getting more scuffs from where it must scrape together. I guess I will call Braun again tomorrow and see what's going on.


      Good idea to contact Braun again. The dealer may not be happy you called Braun but so what. You gave them the chance to fix it. I'd insist on a new lift. Braun is going thru changes so they don't want bad reviews.


        I went around a DME once. They refused to work with me after then. Not a big deal for me. Just saying you need to consider that.