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    I agree everyone is different I was just stating my experience. The ride cushions are great to get you off tail bone area and helped with posture but like I said with my experience working 10 hr days it got very uncomfortable since it pretty hard and most your pressure ends up on the side of you but bone. But definitely suggest trying one out as they are very nice and comfortable to an extent I have 2 but if I do use it it?s only if I know I?m not in my chair long. But definitely make up your own mind about it and try one out you may have different experience

    Originally posted by Oddity View Post
    Never take anecdotes on the internet, from one person's experience, as truth when it comes to medical advice.

    The fact is Ride cushions have saved people from pressure sores that happened while sitting on RoHo cushions.

    Everyone is different and only a trained and certified medical professional (typically a PhD. OT or PT using evidence based diagnostic techniques and equipment) can say with any degree of confidence what cushion is right for any individual.

    Ride cushions are not bad. They are only bad for some people. RoHo cushions aren't good. They're only good for some people.

    Don't take anecdotes as advice when it comes to medical necessity for YOUR needs. See a professional and get mapped on lots of seating options, that way you'll get what YOU need for manging BOTH pressure and posture.


      Another question: as I add a few new options to see if insurance will cover more, any feedback on:

      5x1.5" LiteSpeed Billet aluminum wheel w/soft tire with Black hub for the front tires?
      Shadow 24" for the rear wheels?

      Again this is the default option for the wheels where the DME is submitting bare minimum stating insurance will not cover other options.


        I’m happy with the Standard Shadow wheels. My TR3 was self pay and I didn’t want to plunk down extra for premium performance wheels, at least right away. The Shadow wheel weighs only 1.6 pounds each which is awesome! I can actually lift them myself and the quality seems very decent to me. I’m not disappointed with these and they look nice too.
        I got the same front wheels but I went for a 4 X 1.5 inch soft roll aluminum in silver. I love the wheel size. My prior manual chair had six inch wheels and they were hard to turn and got in the way of my foot. They were unnecessarily big IMO. I’m so glad I went with a four inch. And I think the soft roll tire is a nice ride.
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          The main difference between the TRA and ZRA is the weight and vibration. The TRA weighs more (0.4 lbs) and the additional tube prevents vibration, which is irrelevant indoors. You may notice more vibration in the mono tube outdoors at higher speeds and bumpy roads.

          Another consideration is that the dual tube diameter is 1" and the mono tube diameter is 1.25". The 1" diameter enables more standard 3rd party accessories like cup holders designed for bicycles and generic wheelchair luggage carriers. I am sure you could find or alter a cup holder to fit the mono tube but maybe not the luggage carrier. You'd probably be stuck with the TiLite luggage carrier, which is more expensive and an inferior product IMO.


            I have the Surge handrim but don't like it. The rubber wears off on your hands. After about 2 years, the strip started falling off. Once it started, it didn't stop. I would have to repair it just about every week. Got too much and I just removed the strip. Personally, I don't miss it. If i were to order handrims again, I'd go with natural fits (same thing as the Surge without the rubber strip). Because the ergonomic grip reduces my hand pain from arthritis.