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Peco catheters no more...

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    Peco catheters no more...

    In case anyone else, like me, uses(d) Peco catheters, they are exiting the catheter market. This is a bummer because they worked great and were inexpensive, guess they priced too low or couldn't get a big enough base.

    I tried the Cure catheters before Peco, and found they sometimes stick going in even when well lubed, a couple other people mentioned the same thing to me(not on here), so rather not go back to them. But prices jump dramatically when going to the "big guys".

    It's always something...
    "a T10, who'd Rather be ridin'; than rollin'"

    Sorry to hear this as I have upset Peco as my travel catheter as they had everything in one compact bag at a great price.