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    New Chair Backs and Cushions

    Let me preface this by saying, yes I?m working with a PT at a seating clinic and DME Vendor. Both are taking the whatever I feel I need approach and don?t know products that well but they are the biggest rehab hospital near me and my only option. So all research is up to me.

    Have decided on a Tilite Aero T. I am an L2 Para. Like about 2-2.5 inches of dump. 5’ft tall female. New chair I’m looking at 15” wide. Seat depth to be determined. Currently is 13 but I think that might be short by an inch or two. Backs of my thighs/hamstrings have been rettt uncomfortable. Not to mention currently chair is 12” wide. My hips measure 14” so that’s a lot of the problem too.

    i have lumbar scoliosis and lordosis and thoracic kyphosis. Not severe enough for spinal fusion but still ther enough to cause increasingly poor posture and pain. Also have sublxating hips. Goal is to get better posture therefore causing less pain through more supportive backrest and cushion. Knock on wood never had pressure sore so that?s not of high concern. The following is the list of backs and cushions I have demo?edand am trying to pick one. Would like to hear if any of you have these issues and what worked best. Only input PT gave me is to do around a 9-11? high back that has at least 3? of contour depth.

    Backs: ADI Carbon or Aluminum.
    Matrix Mx1/2
    Jay J3( liked but does not come in the right height and contour depth combo I need)
    Cushions: Jay J3
    Ride forward

    Currently in standard Tilite upholstery and Stimulite smart non contoured cushion.

    Tried and disliked:

    Backs: ride java
    Comfort Company
    Cushions: ride java
    Stimulite contoured.

    Any personal input would be appreciated!

    mwheel z2-

    I am also in the process of researching and buying cushion and seat, along with a new chair. I, too, have found it hugely frustrating to do business with a DME who thinks "whatever you feel you need approach" is somehow helpful. Why do they suppose we go to them?

    I am a little taller at 5'4" and a 16 inch width is a nice snug fit for me. I have decided on the ADI CF 10 inch backrest with the 2.5 inch contour. I also have scoliosis that only gets worse, and a screw twist in the lower back, but I suspect the 4 inch depth is too much for a small, skinny person. The DME did not offer guidance on back support, nor would my insurance pay for an independent seating evaluation. I could pay for that independently but refuse without a solid recommendation that the person I go to is good at their job.

    One point that may be helpful if it has not been mentioned to you is that the backrest will push you forward about an inch. Thus whatever dept you decide is best for you, you likely need to add an inch to that. If you are quite active and have good trunk strength then I suspect an 11 inch back would impeded you. I'm going with the 10 inch, but could do fine with a nine, were such a thing offered. My preference for the ADI is due mainly to weight. As to seat depth, my DME had an opinion of 18" which i do not share. 17 seems fine to me... yet, since I will be putting the ADI backrest on, I go with his 18 measure confident that will work out to 17 inches. I hope!

    Matrix Mx1/2 looks like a nice back but they are more expensive plus they only list weight as "very lightweight". I may have found the weight on another vendor site because I ended up thinking the ADI was lightest. I could be mistaken.

    I use 2 cushions, one Comfort Company foam cushion and a roho high profile. They work for me but I never had a chance to try a Jay. I hate Varilite.

    Subluxated hips are very problematic. i have one but as an incomplete who can stand I've been making a bit of progress over the past year correcting it with chiropractic and exercise. My sympathies.

    i wish I could offer More but I'm no expert. There are several who haunt the equipment section and they will probably help you more than I can. Best of luck with this.