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Licenses/Certifications for Used Powerchair Repair and Sale?

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  • Licenses/Certifications for Used Powerchair Repair and Sale?

    What type of licenses or certifications would one need to buy used powerchairs, fix them up, and resell them?

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    Is this something you're thinking about doing?

    I would think if there are any restrictions it would only be state regulations. I doubt you need any license or certification to do this in most states, but I have no real knowledge of this. Never heard of anyone getting arrested for illegally fixing or selling a powerchair.


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      Originally posted by keh478udhh View Post
      What type of licenses or certifications would one need to buy used powerchairs, fix them up, and resell them?
      You can fix up wheelchair for reuse, but I think there are some issues about sanitizing a wheelchair for reuse. You may need to research that.


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        Also, if you are thinking of trying to bill insurance for these, it is much more involved than selling for cash by the buyer.

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          Pre SCI, I built and repaired old motorcycles (NOT Harley's). All transactions were cash ONLY. As this is one of the most liable trades, no receipts were ever given (although I made many CD photo progressions for posterity for a select few), covering my ass was priority equal to quality.
          In today's world where "it's always someones fault", the medical and DME trade must rank #1 for liability.
          Used = more liability. Unless you go full bore, documented/licenced business with huge liability insurance, it's best to keep it on the "down low" and treat it as a hobby that pays for itself at best.
          Things to consider;
          *No ins will buy used DME so all sales are "out of pocket" for buyer.
          *Programming most chairs is cost prohibitive = if you have a chair w/delay steer or if you have one that needs delay steer (I have both scenarios), you are screwed. Proprietary tech info is well guarded as this is a new only controlled market.
          *Fitting a chair to an individual's size, abilities, functions, needs, and intended use is tough. Basically, chair and user must be compatible with out making big changes beyond simple ergo adjustments.
          *Shipping cost is expensive ($800-$900 avg for 350# chair) so market is usually limited to local "you pick up" market.
          *All the above will limit your target market niche to a small demographic. This means it's a hobby that will not pay for itself.
          *If you can get $2500 for a $35000 low use chair, your lucky (Ebay is a false guide for pricing, most are over price = they get parted out or scraped).
          Just my experience and observations. It basically comes down to two things, market and liability.
          Quick story: A motorcycle salvage yard near me, in addition to selling used parts, rebuilt many bikes for many decades. A customer was killed on a bike they rebuilt. The family of the deceased, sued the salvage co. and EVERY prior owner which resulted in records of EVERYONE'S (manufacturer, dealerships, independent shops, and owners) records being submitted in court. EVERYONE'S name that was in records were sued. EVERYONE! Of course most were excluded from suit but EVERYONE whose name was mentioned spent $ on legal fee's. The salvage yard hasn't built or repaired any bikes in 25 years due to this. Food for thought.
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            Liability issues strangle initiative and self resourcefulness.
            Land of the free? Maybe, if you're a top dog?