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    Bummer on the no memory, yeah you would have to tweak all the settings every time, maybe you can develop some muscle memory to remember the flow.

    I can believe the Infloor "eats up" some of the floor drop space, but you also might check papers to see if maybe you do have an XT version with a bigger drop.

    Wheelin, I went cruising the Braun website, it appears they have the regular and XT versions for all except the Honda, it has an Infloor only. So when you go looking, make sure you know which conversion model you are looking at for each manufacturer:

    click on the different vans to see the various conversions they do on each.
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      this is what came out over 4-5 inches lower. i actually raise my b/d base up a bit to drive........when i sat so high the brakes gave me issues because i couldnt get the right push on them, now that i sit at normal height everything works as it should

      Originally posted by McDuff View Post
      thanks Fuente, yeah the OEM stuff is handy.

      Patrick, it was an out of state shop that delivered my van and said no. I will be taking it to the local shop for the airbag light and will definitely hit them up on the bracket change out, 4" would be about perfect. Thanks for the heads up.

      Does your van have memory seats? That's one reason I buy a higher end model, I have memory 1 set to my driving position and memory 2 set for the rotate/xfer position. Don't have to keep mucking around with the buttons for every xfer.

      Wheelin, my test ride for dodge was just before Pacifica came out, so I have no knowledge of its ride or cup holders. Don't mean to demean it if they improved way over older models. Yeah all consoles get removed, no way to get your legs in between seats if not. Definitely try out the various models to see which you like best, ramp angle makes a big difference.
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        Originally posted by Patrick Madsen View Post
        I thought the S had the memory seats but found out after I bought it only the Limited series has them. I have them in my T&C Limited.

        I find the floor so low compared to my old VMI in floor. I guess the infloor setup needs a second floor; raising the level of the floor inside.
        pat what type of braun conversion is yours
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          I have the Fold out conversion. Probably the XT model judging how low the floor is and the powerchair height it first came with.. I checked out VMI and Rollx but never went to the Braun dealer due to wanting to get home and avoid the Seattle traffic and didn't think I'd be buying from him. I did go to Vancouver to look at Braun but never thought to ask about floor heights.

          It just means I have to get used to raising the seat up as part of the transfer process. I guess it'll be a good aspect when it comes to selling if someone in the chair is a passenger. Still kind of second guessing myself on the whole thing. Probably should have just had the old one rebuilt. I go in tomorrow to the Chrysler dealership for some engine light hassels going on. Sure hope it's Chrysler and not the Braun dealer who screwed up.

          Read the owners manual last night. Whew, so many little computer warnings and surely not the simple vans of just a few years ago. No spare tire either. Going to keep my old one around for awhile til I get used to this one.