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Natural Fit Handrims - Replacing Tires

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  • Natural Fit Handrims - Replacing Tires

    Hi guys,

    I'm changing my tires for the first time since I got this chair almost two years ago, and it has Natural Fit hand rims, the ones with the track. Do I need to remove those to change the tires? I'm not even sure I know how to remove them?
    Plus, they're Marathons, so that adds an extra level of difficulty.

    Thanks all.
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    Yes you will have to remove the handrims, but I'm not sure how the thumb ring mounts to them. The marathon tires are going to be a huge pain to get back on, if you're up for it. If not, it may be worth having them mounted at a bike shop if you have extra wheels you can use in the meantime.

    EDIT: sorry I had this backwards in my head. You have to remove the tire to change the handrim, but you don't have to remove the handrim to change the tire.
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      Why remove the hand-rims?
      Can't the tire be mounted from the other side of the rim?
      AFAIK handrims mount with tabs that cross the center of the rim using threaded hardware which sits under the tube.
      Don't know how you could re-mount the handrims with the tire fully in the rim with it's tube.

      I had a very brief affair with the little skinny high pressure wheel chair tires and it was enough! Ever since, I've run 50psi 1 3/8 x 24 bicycle tires.
      I can get them on and off without any tools; I carry a patch kit and CO2 inflator.
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        Yea, my bad. In my head I was thinking you were wanting to replace the handrims which would require the tire to be removed. You wouldn't need to remove the handrim to replace the tire. I edited my original post. Thanks for the correction.

        Also, I will say in my experience there is a considerable difference in the effort it takes to push a 1 3/8" tire at 50 psi and a 1" tire at 140 psi. They are definitely a pain to change when needed, but the trade off is worth it to me and my shoulders.


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          I've replaced Marathons probably ten times and they are a challenge, but I work it out.
          I bought two sets of tire levers so now I have 6, plus my two old ones, to try and make it easier.
          Rollin' since '89. Complete C8


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            If you remove the hand rims you won't will not be able to get them back on after the tire has been mounted. Besides there is no need to remove the hand rims.
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              Getting Marathons on is a pain. But how often? Annually? So what if it takes longer with more difficulty? Worth dealing with the pain once a year (if that) to never have a flat. Besides, with the right technique getting them on is not too bad. The worst thing about the marathons is their weight, which matters for transfers. But even that problem goes away with light wheels. Your shoulder is going to feel the transfer weight of Marathons on Spinergy LX wheels because both are heavy. Put the Marathons on Spinergy CF Blades which are light and the total transfer weight is fine.