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Seat height in Braun con. too high

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  • Seat height in Braun con. too high

    I bought a 2018 Pacifica Touring S and had a Braun Fold Out conversion done. I have a 2000 Chry. Limited VMI con..

    They drove it up to me from Woodinville today. I noticed right away the difference in width for the legs to swing thru and the seat height difference. It was difficult even using a sliding board. They said they could drop the seat height about 2" which would help. I was told it's factory height. I'm 6'2" and know it's too high. What do others with the Braun conversion feel about the seat height difference? Have any of you had the seat height dropped?

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    Speaking with the dealer this morning, the added height may be from the 6 way B&D seatbase they use. The added function of raising or lowering the seat adds height due to the scissor mechanism added. My old van has a 4 way; without the added height from the swivel. Dang, let's hope that's all it'll take to fix it.

    I miss the old days of transferring into the van from the side door, scotching inbetween the two front seats and pushing up into the drivers or passenger seat. All that was needed was a set of handcontrols. With the seats so close together now, there's no way that can be done.


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      Interesting. I'm considering getting a Pacifica this summer. I would like to drive from the chair but am really worried about how much head room there will be. If not enough, I'll have to go with a transfer base and transfer into the factory seat. Hope you get it resolved!


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        pat is it just not as roomy in between the seats and thats why you have leg trouble
        hope they get this fixed quickly for you
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          A friend of mine has a Honda Oddesy Braun with a B&D seat. She has the same issue. I have the Ricon seat bases in my vans and it will collapse very low.


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            Got a call from the service manager. B&D has an adapter to lower the seat another 4.5 inches, I think it was 4. If he had known I used a manual he would have ordered it as it's standard protocol. B&D don't make 4 way transfer bases anymore.

            The space in between the seat is narrow but I doubt we took the drivers chair all the way back. I'm sure it's just a matter of getting used to a new technique. I kind of went blank after seeing how high the seat was. Glad it's a simple fix. My old Chrysler space is enormous compared.

            Much more room in the back than the Honda or Toyota and plenty of headroom.I'm 6'2". I went with the Touring S for no bling on the outside with better leather and larger wheel with a few other upgrades. No keys is rather strange. I'm glad I went with the Pacifica. 81 onboard computers is ridiculous. Amazing how fast and compact the fold out ramp deploys. One thing I learned from my in-floor van is whenever there's a problem the floor usually has to be lifted out. Many of the screws holding it down get corroded making it very difficult and more hours to do. With the fold out, it's mostly next to the door for quick access.

            The part should be in by next Friday and will have them drive it up again. For those looking for any van, make sure to ask about seat height and adapters.


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              good news pat. i had the same issue in my full size. the seat just sat to high for comfy driving. i had the factory power seat parts/base removed which dropped it 4 inches, perfecto.
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                Good to hear it's an easy fix John.