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which lightweight wheelchair manufacturer?

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    which lightweight wheelchair manufacturer?


    Which lightweight wheelchair manufacturer is currently has the longest warranty on their frames? Also who would you say is making the best chairs at the moment with good customer service?

    At the moment I am thinking Tilite zr or zra but I am unsure now that they are owned by Permobil.

    Wolturnus I have heard make good chairs.

    There is rgk who I have bought from before but they are owned by sunrise now, don't know how that has affected their service and quality of product.

    There is Oracing where I got my current chair, but they no longer have a supplier in the UK.

    Others I have seen online Kuschall, progeo, ariawheels, Lasher, box, Offcarr, ki etc

    Anyway let me know of who you would recommend at the moment and why?


    Any of them will more than likely serve its role as well as any other, given the fit and spec is ideal for you. Overall quality levels for all those brands you mentioned are quite high. Of course, You'll find anecdotal 'horror' and 'heaven' stories about them all.
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      We found the best option for selecting our son’s latest chair was having a good relationship with a local supplier/distributor, who we trust. So rather than having the dilemma of selecting from all the chair manufacturers you have listed (and others), we went with one that our local place supplies, knowing (from previous experience) that they would sort out any issues that may arise. I will say that it helped that they are the distributor for Panthera in Australia (but based in Perth, a long way from the larger market on the East Coast), and Panthera chairs are light!

      Given that the chair was to be mostly funded, there was no way he was getting the X, but his U3 Lite has been excellent. Only one issue has arisen (the front casters wore down very quickly), but they have been replaced and it was apparently due to faulty material used for a certain batch of casters.

      I see many horror stories on this site about DME suppliers but, for us, working with people we have come to know well has been the right decision. I will also add that there are other local suppliers that we tend to stay away from, where possible.
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        Thought I had replied to this already! Thanks for the replies. I think I will try and go with Tilite I just need to find a decent rep in the uk.


          Originally posted by rob1 View Post
          Thought I had replied to this already! Thanks for the replies. I think I will try and go with Tilite I just need to find a decent rep in the uk.
          Let me know if you do, I’m moving to the UK soon.
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