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It's that time again! NSM vs Numotion for new wheelchair

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  • It's that time again! NSM vs Numotion for new wheelchair

    Hello all. It basically comes down to

    National Seating and Mobility



    It's for a new chair and my O.T. basically told me to choose who I want to purchase the wheelchair through as they deal with both. I have had NSM when I was with Kaiser. They were pretty atrocious. I have a feeling Numotion may be equally atrocious, but I'd like to hear what you all have to say. I'm in the Bay Area, in CA, by the way.

    Any opinions/stories are very much appreciated!!
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    FWIW, NSM has served me well here in MA. After a wheelchair fitting & agreement on specs between rehab nurse, PT, and me the order was made to NSM which followed the specs to a T. They even come out to do minor things like adjust tire pressure. Of course it's paid for by MassHealth. - fw


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      I'm in the southeast and I got my last two chairs through NSM with no issues. However, I think it's more important who the actual person is you deal with at the DME, more than the DME itself. My contact has always been very helpful, but that may not be the case at every NSM.


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        It also depends on your insurance. The same person at the same place may be able to provide lesser or greater services depending on your insurance.


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          I've used NSM for two power chairs, as well as maintenance on my power assisted chair. As far as obtaining the chair I've been completely disappointed with the seating specialist, but that's not a function of the company, but rather the person. I know enough to deal with her, but others don't. What pisses me off is that my local seating clinic, which is very close to my house, does not offer an alternative vendor or seating specialist within their only vendor if you're not satisfied with said person. I always get surveys after getting my chair serviced, but I sure as hell am not going to say what I think because it is going to get back to the therapist, who can be vindictive and become, how do I say, less responsive to your needs.

          As far as follow-up service, I would say they are satisfactory. I have gotten a Permobil C300 and now have an F3, both through NSM.


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            I think it really depends on the local offices. For me NSM was grossly incompetent and failed to get me a wheelchair for over two years until my insurance changed and numotion became in network for me. But that was 100% due to the people they employed being of strikingly low IQ with an abominable work ethic. If they have competent employees at your local branch they might be okay.


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              Well it seems that the consensus is that Numotion is probably not that much better than NSM. So, I guess I'll just stick with NSM.

              Thanks for the input!!
              No one ever became unsuccessful by helping others out


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                5 years ago I got a chair form Numotion. After 1 month and 3 trips to my home to address chair issues, I was told I would have to take my issues to Permobil because the 2 week trial period had passed.
                Huh? I had 2 weeks to return unsatisfactory chair? Was never told that and can't find any pertaining documentation.
                Getting new chair very soon from Numotion. If I have 1 issue with it, I will demand they take it back verses working with them while they intentionally drag out the 2 weeks.
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