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how often do you get new chair

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  • how often do you get new chair

    my pt says its time for a new chair mine is 7 years old but theres really nothing wrong with it just curous of when yall get chairs she said should replace every 5 years
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    I'm really easy on chairs, and have a couple for different things, so no one chair sees full-time use. My chairs last a long time. I haven't even changed a tire in 10 years. Had 2 inner tubes pop, though. My most used chair was made in 2008 and is still going strong (Aluminum/Magnesium alloy). My second most used was made in 2010. The rest have been sold off. (Unsuccessful Marvel, Icon, and XTR experiments with suspension).

    5 years seems reasonable, though, considering how hard some people are on their chairs. It's the "expected lifetime"/warranty time frame for most manufacturers, and also corresponds with Medicare benefits allowance for getting a new chair.

    On the flip side, if I spent more time in the public eye (e.g. still went to an office everyday, etc), then I'd be Johnny On-the-spot getting a shiny new chair at the shortest interval I possibly could, benefits wise. Strictly speaking, based solely on NEED, unless it's broken, or becomes medically unfit for the patient, most modern ultra-light chairs can remain fully functional quite a bit longer than 5 years, generally speaking.
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      It probably depends a lot on how the chair is used. I've seen some chairs that are trashed at 2 years in service, and some that look and work great after 15 years. My first chair, a manual "Quickie" from Sunrise Medical was replaced after 15 years. Sure it had some dings and scratches, but was in excellent working order.

      Medicare will replace power chair every 5 years. The rationale is that it becomes too expensive to do repairs/replacements on these chairs after 5 years.
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        I must be really hard on my chairs compared to others. While I plan to replace the frame every 5 years, I replace most of the components every 1 or 2 years. This past January I replaced every component but the frame (including main axle) and caster forks on a chair I received brand new in June 2017. The bearings on my main wheels and casters are shot after no more than a year (less if spending more time off-road or even dusty environments). I use solid rear tires, so I understand their wearing out on a yearly basis. I'm happy to replace the rear tires yearly since I don't have to worry about a flat while out and about.

        I have had a terrible time with DMEs the three times I have gotten chairs (having only been in the chair for 7.5 years now) so if I can get the cash reserves I may just start purchasing chairs whenever possible without using insurance. I waited the full 5 years to replace the first time since I wanted to go through insurance. When my new chair was on order and I only had a few weeks left, I hit a curb wrong getting up onto a sidewalk and sheared the metal downtube above the weld for the caster arm. There must have been some crack already forming in the metal for it to fail that way, so I believe waiting 5 years was far too long. I got my third chair after only a little while in the 2nd thanks to an airline mishap where my chair came up on three wheels because the caster (arm included) got folded under somehow.

        Given how quickly my chair seems to deteriorate and the cost of replacing the components (~$1400 this past January) I'll probably just start replacing the chair every 2-3 years. If I do it on a year that overlaps with an insurance covering year, then great, but I'm more worried about making sure the chair I have is safe and in good working order since I am useless without it.


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          I've had mine for 21 years in Oct. Yes I have gotten others since but they don't fit me well...


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            When we had independent DME they would remind us at 5 year period. However I've had one as long as 12 years without problem and waited til needed a new one.
            Now the company bought old shop just sat on their hands after saying need replace instead of repair both our chairs. Those are now going on 8 years old. So, we just started using backup chairs and bought my wife a used chair off Offerup that she is currently using. I'm also using a secondhand chair I obtained 7 years ago that got from a family their mother had cancer and wanted rid of chair.
            I still have a old H-Frame from 1996 or 97 that needs batteries, but can't see buying Group 27's out-of-pocket.


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              thanksim up in the air yet this chair seems ok but my pt wants to get the smartdrive and chair at same time well she also said she check current chair out
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                I'm not too hard on my chairs and they
                have lasted for over 15 years (not the paint job though) while still performing well. I would just replace all the bearings myself every 3 or 4 years. I keep an indoor and an outdoor chair. When I pull into my garage and open my car door the indoor chair is sitting there ready for me to transfer into while my outdoor chair stays in the car. That said I still take advantage of the 5 year replacement standard that my Insurance company offers so I can get the newest lightest chair possible.


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                  I replace bearings yearly for a smooth ride and do cleaning, greasing, and adjustments every 3 months. I would buy a color that can be retouched, but with my tilite got the brushed titanium and it is easy to sand out scratches. Really the only thing that can be done to make my chair more stylish is a fresh cushion cover with some color. That stands out and I put one one for something like an evening occasion.

                  The only reason I intend to replace my chair is the floor to seat measurement is not right.


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                    30 years. Needing a new chair every 5 years must be a joke.