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Rocker switches in Bruno remote controls

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    This might work, just need to check fit:

    Just have to search, it's out there. I found the above by searching the numbers on that switch in the OP's post: 6(4)/250 T105/55


      hey! thanks for responding again. I did contact the op on ebay. he responded once, sent a link which did not work; searched the item number in the link and the auction had already ended. still waiting for op to contact me again, hopefully with a good link. op/seller does not have any items for sale. btw, that switch looks right, however not sure about the footprint. mm vs inches...will contact e-awitch tech support for further clarification


        Originally posted by nonoise View Post
        This one should be okay if it fits.
        Sorry for never updating this post. I ended up buying the rocker switch nonoise suggested as a backup for my Stow-Away. I didn't have any need to actually try it out until this July. Luckily, that switch worked when my original switch broke. The replacement switch fit right into the pendant with no problem. If I remember right, the replacement was slightly deeper than the original, but it's worked great. This thread reminded me to buy another. Here's the link for the replacement Stow-Away switch:

        I've never had reason to test the Out-Rider switches.


          I had another switch go out. This one was in the pendant for the Out-Rider.
          Click image for larger version

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          I replaced this switch with one of the ones I got off ebay (see previous post). Those worked so I wanted to buy more, but because I couldn't find new Bruno Out-Rider switches on ebay today, I did some more searching. I think I found replacements with matching specs for the switches that went bad in both my Stow-Away and Out-Rider.

          Here's the information:
          Stow-Away pendant switch: Marquardt 1839.1407​,
          Out-Rider pendant switch: Marquardt 1838.3402,

          To make sure I have extras on hand the next time a switch goes out, ​I ended up ordering several more switches from here:

          Hope this helps someone.


            I would pay a bit more for a heavy-duty version. These shouldn't be service items. Switches should outlast your vehicle.


              Originally posted by August West View Post
              I would pay a bit more for a heavy-duty version. These shouldn't be service items. Switches should outlast your vehicle.
              I agree that switches should not fail. Unfortunately, they do. The United Access mechanic that installed my lift told me to purchase extra switches outside of the shop because the Bruno switches always fail. He also cautioned me that Bruno charges a significantly higher fee to replace the switches than if I purchased them elsewhere and replaced them myself. On top of that, he told me the Bruno switches are no higher quality than anything else I could find.

              If you know of a "heavy-duty version" that is superior to the switches I found or other switches that were mentioned in this thread, please share that information. If I knew of a way to permanently solve this problem, I would have done it years ago. Instead, my vehicle for daily driving is a pickup truck. It has a Bruno Stow-Away and an Out-Rider. Between the two lifts, there are two pendants and five switches. Occasionally, those switches fail and need to be replaced. Replacing the switches is a necessary evil.


                Originally posted by August West View Post
                I am on the lookout to buy an entire pendant for my lift as a spare. That way if any part or connection in the pendant fails, I just plug in the new one and be on my way. Then I can repair the old one later when I get home.
                This was a good idea. Did you have any luck finding a spare pendant?


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                  In hindsight, that wouldn't be good enough. How about the switches on the exterior of the van or on the arm of the lift? If I am being on the safe side, then I should have spares for all switches not just the pendant. I think there's a better solution. How about adding a remote control? This way all mechanical switches aren't even necessary. They're just there in case the remote fails.