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Defective Shower Commode Seat

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    Defective Shower Commode Seat

    I've been using E&J (Everest and Jennings) shower commode wheelchairs for over 30 years. I just bought a new seat from MedEx Supply (mail order, $170), and the screws were way too small. They are needed to attach the hooks to the corners. I used some screws from my old seat, and bought more at a hardware store, but one of the holes is the wrong size. My handyman can't figure it out.

    Has anyone else had this problem? Did you solve it? MedEx only told me to go to a hardware store.

    I see that few people use E&J brand anymore. Maybe I'll have to give up and get a whole new wheelchair. Insurance stopped paying for these many years ago (that's why I've been doing my own maintenance), but someone said they started again. Is that true?
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    They have replacement seats here but they are no longer made by E&J


      Regarding "... E&J shower commode ... new seat ... screws were way too small ..."
      According to the specification, the seat screws should be 10-32 x 0.875 LG PTHM. This specification applies to both the oval and U-shaped seats.

      Regarding "... few people use E&J brand anymore ..."
      According to this source there remains quite a number of people who prefer the E&J brand shower/commode chair.

      Regarding "... they are no longer made by E&J ..."
      Some years ago E&J experienced substantial quality issues with this product and production was halted. However, a few years ago Graham-Field (the current manufacturer) resumed production via their Chinese sources.
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