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Fit-Grip - PRO rim covers.

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  • Fit-Grip - PRO rim covers.

    Has anyone use these Fit-Grip PRO hand rim cover to give you better grip? Are they any good? Any comments on them?

    I was a proponent of Out-Front Surge LT hand rims until the rubber insert pulled away from the rim and I called Out-Front and asked to buy replacement inserts and was told they don't sell them you have to buy new set of rims at $350.00 plus $100.00 installing them. That's a third co-pay of a new TiLite ZR!

    I got measured and fitting for a new TiLite ZR with some special customization which the physical therapist and TiiLite rep will have to come down to my house and get everything Ti-Fit right. I have to provide drawings.

    For the Out-Front LT hand rims they are a good product but in four years the rubber insert will pull away from the rim which I am not happy about. Out-Front does say on their web site the inserts are not sold separately.

    Does anyone have any experience with these Fit-Grip Pro or other hand rims?

    If SCI_OTR can step in and give his profession advise or suggestions that would be great!

    Here's a short video on Fit-Grip Pro rim covers.

    Thank you for your input.

    "We must overcome difficulties rather than being overcome by difficulties."

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    We bought a pair from the manufacturer a few years ago for my husband's 25 inch Spinergy SPOX wheels with anodized rims.

    They required a fair amount of hand strength and dexterity to stretch them onto the rims but initially ended up as a good snug fit. The rim covers do have some weight to them.

    Within about 10 months of daily use on office carpet, sidewalks, ramps and at home, the rubber got pretty stretched out and a few tears developed. Once that happened, they were basically useless.

    We replaced them with a new pair which lasted just as long.

    Compared to the price of some of the products out there, I think it was worth the try.


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      I have been using the rib grips for several years now, long enough to have had to replace the first pair. I was told they last about 18 months and mine stayed in good shape 2 years. Now they demonstrate a way to change out the hand rim without removing the tire, which is helpful. Also, the hand rim continues to work well even after many of the ribs have rubbed off. The surface is almost sticky compared to other handrims.

      It is a good product as far as propulsion but my one dissatisfaction with it is that you cannot clean it. They get filthy so every time I use the bathroom the water runs dark off my hand washing. As one who uses IC this is creepy. When I had the Natural Fit i wiped them off every time I came back into my house. Rib Grip occasionally has sales at $99/pair when they get a batch that is irregular "some cosmetic flaws". That is what I am currently riding with.

      I do recommend them, just be prepared to wash hands more often. The owner offered me an explanation of how to clean them which doesn't work for me. An occasional blast at the car wash does an ok job if I tape over the axle head first to keep soapy water out.

      I notice they now have a "for life" subscription ate at $15/month. I don't consider that much of a deal, but there is also a liquidation sale at $125.