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Poiesis Duette Catheters Backordered

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  • Poiesis Duette Catheters Backordered

    I was told by my medical supplier, that the Poiesis Duette Catheters were backordered and they had no estimate when the catheters would be available to them for shipment to them. If you have been having difficulty getting your orders for Poiesis Duette Catheters filled by your medical supplier, here is the email I received from the Vice President of Operations and Clinical Education:

    Thank you for reaching out. We did have a backorder that is just now being cured. There was a glitch in our
    software that, unfortunately, underestimated manufacturing projections. Since we manufacture overseas, we also have a lead time that added to the issue.

    Product was delivered into our warehouse today (April 1, 2019) and will be shipping to our distributors once QMS
    (???) has completed their documentation and testing. Being told, all backorders should be filled by Wednesday.

    Charlene Johnson
    Poiesis Medical, LLC