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Alber e-fix 25 vs Alber e-fix 35?

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    Alber e-fix 25 vs Alber e-fix 35?


    Does anyone know what difference there is between the alber e-fix 25 and the updated alber e-fix 35, what improvements or new functionality were added?

    I am checking to see if it makes much difference which one I buy second hand.


    Hey Rob,
    Wasn't sure if you were still looking for an answer? I can try and put a comparison together?

    My understanding, the big difference is the battery.
    4.4 lbs lithium-ion battery. Let me know if you found any good info (pros/cons) on the E35? Appreciate it.


      hey, I eventually got the E35. The main difference is the battery as you said and there is also a higher capacity battery available, but also the joystick unit is different and has more functions.

      The joystick unit can be controlled via app on your phone connecting through bluetooth, the top speed can be increased in the app to 8kmh, you can get turn by turn directions on wheelchair friendly routes on the joystick screen too among some other functions like showing your texts I think.

      I think the hub motors are the same as the older E25 model.