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Switching from Smartdrive to ZX-1?

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    Switching from Smartdrive to ZX-1?

    Hey all,

    I started out last year with a Smartdrive MX2+ and to be blunt, I hate it. I had some non-descript shoulder pain, which is how it ended up getting approved through my insurance (I have employer-based insurance, not MA/Medicare). I've got some coordination issues, and no matter which mode I have my Smartdrive on, I'm just not stable. I basically always feel like I'm about to crash, mainly because I don't trust myself to tap the wristband in time to stop and I don't feel confident steering no matter how much I practice.

    In between having my MX2+ ordered and now, I've also ended up with the reason for my shoulder pain - I've got two torn labrums (that I can't have surgery for, for auto-immune reasons, I have MS as well), plus vascular thoracic outlet syndrome with 100% compression on each side.

    I'd happily return my Smartdrive, but my DME said there's no return policy, regardless of whether I had it a week or a year.

    I'm *really* wishing I had known about the ZX-1 before getting my Smartdrive, as I would have gone with that instead.

    Has anyone made the switch from Smartdrive to ZX-1 and if so...did your insurance pay for it?


    While I wish I could get my insur1nce to approve a smart drive I haven’t gone this specific route I have had to change wheelchair types a lot sooner than the “insurance protocol”. here is what I can tell you about insurance. It is slow but if your needs change you can get approved for a change of equipment sooner. It is written with an exception for if your condition significantly changes warranting a change in equipment. I would be more worried about justifying why a full power chair is not a good fit if you want to stay with power assist because they may look at that as a risk with having such quick changes.


      @willdahlI am leading a team from the University of Central Florida in developing a product that is similar to smart drive, but you could completely control with a joystick (including turning). I actually posted a thread earlier on what it is exactly that wheelchair users would love to see in the device since its still under development. From your post, you really want stability and ease of control. If you don't mind me asking, is there anything else you would really like to see? Would you prefer a device you didn't have to go through insurance to get?