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DME/wheelchair providers in southern Wisconsin or Chicago area?

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  • DME/wheelchair providers in southern Wisconsin or Chicago area?

    Hi all, I have been struggling to order a new chair for the last year and wonder if anyone can recommend a provider that works with insurance in southern Wisconsin, or even as far as Chicago area. I'm in the Madison area and not getting a lot of help.

    My Quickie Q7 is falling apart after 8 years and I need something new. My current provider can't tell me what my cost for various options will be, or what weight differences they amount to. Is it normal for a provider to be able to get so little information from Quickie or other vendors? She says the weight information just doesn't exist which is hard to believe.

    It would be great to have someone that I had high confidence would help me size the chair right and get the options right.

    I lift the chair frame into my car after transferring, so weight of the stripped down frame is really important for my shoulders--so I want to minimize weight but have it work well.


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    Who is paying for the chair? You looking for a folder or rigid? Chair weights are on line at the various manufacturers web sites. But I've not seen a chair that actually weighs what they say. Look at Motion Composites chairs. They are about the lightest available now.


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      I’m in WI as well. Your situation sound very familiar to mine. I actually had decent luck with National Seating out of Wauwatosa. Unfortunately couldn’t get through the process before my insurance changed and NSM was no longer in network. Gave up after the new vendor I had to work with refused to help me get a Tilite and never submitted paperwork to insurance before the end of last year. Now starting over on a whole new insurance year do here I sit in way too small of a chair causing horrendous back and hip pain keeping me from working. You are more than welcome to private message me.


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        Sorry, I don't know anything about your area.
        Here is link to website(Order Form with options by color choices and Tech info towards bottom of website with weights, etc.):

        Remember the Order Form is the fantasy prices, not what is allowable by Medicare as well as most private insurance.
        To check those prices you have have more info on what is/will be justified via your medical and/or seating team plus what insurance you have.

        IMHO: DMEs are not what they use to be and doubt will get any better.
        "Good Luck!"


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          It looks to me that you have a couple questions.
          Where to find a decent provider?
          What chair to try/purchase?
          On the first, I'd suggest contacting any large rehab center-Madison has UW Rehabilitation, for example.
          Find out what dealer/providers they use for new, or returning patients.
          Usually, an OT or PT can tell you who are good or not so good that area.
          You'll probably need documentation of your need-and that usually means doctors and/or therapists letters, anyway, so you might as contact them, and see where that goes.
          Not sure who is near you, both National Seating and Mobility and Numotion have been buying up local providers, all over the country, you could check out their websites.
          One other thing I've done, is to narrow down what I wanted, then contact the manufacturer, explain your interest, and find out who their biggest dealer/provider is, near you.
          Biggest can be good or bad, but if they are selling lots of chairs, they usually have more experience-and resources, to offer along the way, regarding insurance, and such.
          As for the 2nd, the rehab will have connections to get whatever you want to try.
          Do your on-line research, then you can be better informed, to get what is best for you.
          Hope this helps.