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Defective Bard leg bags

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  • Defective Bard leg bags

    Has anyone else noticed that the bottom seal is sometimes not sealed, around the valve? I've tested with water when the bag is new, and it sometimes has a very slow leak. The problem seems to be more common in the past couple years, since 2016 or so.

    If you find this problem, instead of just tossing the bad bag (which is what I used to do), please call the Bard number on the package and let them know, so they fix the quality problem. They actually gave me good service when I called today.
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    When I was using a Bard product, I had a similar problem to you, however, it kept on occurring, and occurring. I called the help line/quality control, and they had no interest. Before I found a different company's product, I was spreading GOOP proactively, before use, on the spot where the leaks were occurring, this helped, but was a pain.
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      Yes! I've been using the Bard 2 hook 4L bag for 11 years and it's been noticeably worse in the last few years. Anyone using a 4L bag, not Bard, that they would like to recomend?
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        Had the same issue, several times. I changed brand.
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          I have been using Bard 32 oz. “flip-flo” bags for about twenty years with no problems.