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  • zx1 or smartdrive

    im considering getting one these not sure witch one i drive a car so smartdrive probably be better but if i end up getting a van would the smartdrive help power me up the ramp for grassy rocky areas im sure the zx1 is the better of the 2 but not sure how the front tires would react to that terrain either

    they both look real interesting and helpful just not sure witch way to go
    im t10 para but elbows and shoulders are kinda starting to hurt
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    I bought one of Pat "s first ZX-1 when it was still in the prototype stage. That was 5 or 6 years ago. I didn't use it much, just to the workshop and back. The SLA battery setup would only get 2-4 miles on a charge. Other than that no problem. I live on two acres in a rural area. Adding the Freewheel in front made all the difference in getting around my uneven grassy areas. The Freewheel made the big difference in packed snow. The ZX-1 would plow thru most of the time but the front wheels did make it slower.

    I got a new ZX1 with Lithium batteries recently. It made a big difference in my confidence as far as distance is concerned. Unfortunately something went wrong with the BMI and batteries so has been sitting at my dme's waiting for parts from Spinergy. Spinergy is waiting for the parts from wherever they get them.

    So am back in my old one and so far haven't run out of juice yet. It does make it much easier going up my van ramp and generally tooling around. I really like the ZX1 and the fact I can dump the power and be in a manual mode in about 20 seconds. If you do decide to go with the ZX, I strongly suggest to get one with the Lithium batteries.

    I tried the smartdrive but found it was difficult to attach while sitting in my chair and wanted to skip going up an incline. May not have been setup right. Also many of the reviews didn't sound like it was something that was efficient for me.


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      I have both. I found that the smartdrive is better for me. I can put the smartdrive on by myself and it's easier to transport. It does an amazing job on hills and allows me to keep up with my family when we're out for the day. If you do decide that you'd prefer the ZX-1 and you can't get it covered by insurance, I'd be happy to sell you mine at a great price.


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        Wheelin 48,

        Regarding "... if i end up getting a van would the smartdrive help power me up the ramp ..."
        Remember that at least one of the van options (e.g., a full size van) does not typically use an inclined type of ramp, so a SmartDrive is certainly suitably powerful in such cases. Additionally, if speed is significant to you then the SmartDrive's higher maximum speed (based on the manufacturers' literature as received here) may be a significant factor in your decision.

        Regarding "... grassy rocky areas ..."
        Yes, the present ZX-1's dual drive wheels will likely provide greater traction than the present SmartDrive provides.


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          zx1 imo wheelin.....i have a zx1 with lithium batteries and knobbies. i use when needed. however at your level a sd will work well too. none of the sd's over the years were great for me but im a quad, ive had 3 different versions,.

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            I'd say if you don't have a van, or intend to get a van anytime soon, then the SmartDrive is your better option. I don't have a ZX1 so I can't attest to this, but I don't believe it's super portable, where the SmartDrive can be transported anyway.
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              thanks im leaning towards the smartdrive ill talk to my doc when i go seeher in a few month
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                how often would the sd need charged i wouldnt be using it daily are these things easy to operate looks like it uses atap on the rim like maybe turn off the wrist band so not to accidentally turn it off or on
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