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  • freedom trax charger

    Any one have to replace your charger for freedom trax? I called they want 85 dollars for a new charger it seems WAY over priced. I'm hoping to find one cheaper any ideas?

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    Lithium ion exploding battery? I think that I would stick with the correct charger or buy a PL8 but they are a lot more money


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      i agree with mrb rep
      c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
      sponsored handcycle racer


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        thanks for the input I ordered it from freedom trax yesterday. they also charged a 5% handling fee and shipping still waiting for full cost . this just does not seem right do they have to make that much profit on a 20 dollar part?


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          Personally I wouldn't sit on top of a lithium ion battery, if I was to do so I would want to be able to sue the supplier if they did explode or catch fire. I'd stick to the original charger so the supplier couldn't blame another company or me for using an incorrect charger.

          You may find that the charger has cell monitoring or balancing specific to the battery and that bumps the price.

          What a company buys then sells at is up to what they think the customer will pay and margin needed to run the business. You either pay or go elsewhere, in these circumstances you are paying in case of a problem. Too late and too expensive to swap to LiFeP04 batteries now and a decent charger is not cheap $230 + another $200 for the power supply.