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Replacement joystick unit for Permobil corpus 500

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  • Replacement joystick unit for Permobil corpus 500

    I've got a couple of error codes coming up on my readout on my Permobil corpus 500. One of them is "joystick error" and the other one is "centre joystick". I have a horrible feeling that this type of arrow is going to be terminal and the whole joystick unit will have to be replaced. I know that these joystick units are used on other wheelchairs so I was wondering whether it is possible to source a joystick unit from somewhere else other than Permobil. Problem is, I need to program in my tilt recline, seat raise & electric leg rest functions. I can't remember what Permobil were asking for a replacement joystick unit but I think it was in the realms of about ?700, maybe a bit more.
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    Curtiss-Wright is the manufacturer/distributor of controllers for many wheelchairs.


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      Just recently my main joystick went dead when changing drive profiles, blank screen. Attendant joystick worked so changed the plug-in slots on back. Plug-in was OK.
      New joysticks over $600 but found a new one on E-bay from Canada at no where near that cost.
      I ask him about mine and all I had to do was plug-in and go! It worked, all drive profiles and seat functions.
      Checked E-bay he has a couple Permobil joysticks listed.
      I need info off back of my Q-Logic joystick, Part number ext.
      My only experience with them was this one purchase, but saved me a bunch and it is working(knock wood)!
      You might check E-bay and here is link to one of Permobil joysticks he has listed:
      The person has a 100% Positive Feedback and if you click on his name info shows a E-mail:
      "Good Luck!"