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    I have the 16 inch (9 cell) wide by 18 inch (11 cell) depth Roho Contour Select. My seat pan measures 15.5 inches wide by 20 inches deep.

    The front of my cushion sits about flush with the front of the plastic cowling in front of the actual seat pan. I have about a 2 inch space between the back of the cushion and the back of the seat pan. My ischials sit very near the back of the cushion.
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      Hi Landrover,

      The picture you shared looks like you can go with the extra row of cells (for more depth) with no problem related to the fit to the seat pan / wheelchair. I don't know if that means the front edge of the new longer cushion would hit the back of your knees or not. If your current 11 cell x 11 cell cushion has over a 2" gap between the front of the cushion and the back surface of your knee, you should be fine with the new size.

      If you do go with the size that adds the extra row of cells, you will still be ordering a standard size ROHO Cushion. If you choose the single valve HIGH PROFILE, you would order a 1R1112C. If you choose the QUADTRO SELECT version, you would order a QS1112C. Both have the same US retail price. Feel free to contact me directly if you want to compare and contrast these 2 cushions to determine which one would be best suited for you.

      Tom Borcherding


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        Thank you so much Tom for your insight. I would continue with the High Profile. I do see on a familiar online site an upcharge of $41 for an 11 x 12 cell though. I'm attempting to go through my DME/insurance, but wondering how likely it is to be approved. The current cushion was covered approximately 3 years ago.