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Any year Toyota Sienna to Avoid?

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  • Any year Toyota Sienna to Avoid?

    I'm looking at a newer van. Right now I have a 2000 Chrysler Limited with VMI in floor conversion. It seems the Toyota Sienna van with Braun fold out conversion is the way I'll be going. 2017 or newer. Are there any years or models I may want to stay clear of.

    I like the Limited I have now and want to stay in that model range for the Sienna. Is that the XLE? Want leather seats, larger motor and bigger rimmed wheels. The rest is not so important. I'll be buying the van with insurance buying the conversion.

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    pat why the toyota instead of the pacifica does one have more room than the other
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      Not sure about the room. We looked at both.The Chrysler was a vmi in-floor. I have no real preference and thought I'd go with a different brand van this time. Also read somewhere here that the Pacifica with in-floor was very noisy on the highway. No biggie for me as I want a fold out ramp this time. Looks like the Toyota XLE may be a choice. I think the models above that have the entertainment system in the back; which I'll never use.

      What we're trying to figure out now is if we can get the conversion maintenance done in Vancouver Canada rather than having to drive to Seattle. Vancouver is about 25 miles away with Seattle being a little over 100 miles from my home. Not driving in Seattle traffic and refuse to buy from the Braun dealership in Woodinville. I've been in contact with the Braun Corp. about what they'll do.


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        I have a 2019 Sienna SE Braun fold out. 2017 Braun moved the rear seat around to allow for 6" more floorspace in the center. They call them XL. The Sienna has more luggage space, crappy foot parking brake, lowest ramp angle. 2018 was new engine and 8 speed tranny no problems that I've heard of. Mine runs great gets about 20 combined but it only has 500 miles on it. No rattles or squeaks so far, quiet as an unmodified vehicle on the highway. XLE has leather, SE has leather and 19" wheels, Limited has a few other options(HID lights and panorama sunroof) if it matters 2018 and older if they don't have the fold down back dvd it won't have backup sensors, it was called the Premium package for all of them, goofy Toyota options packaging. The 2019 has a Preferred package for XLE or SE that makes for a nice vehicle without too much fluff.

        The Pacifica has the most center section space of any of them, fairly small luggage space behind the rear seat. Electronic parking brake, rotary knob shifter, most modern radio and Nav.

        Are you going to use a transfer seat?


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          Dang StsMark, that made a big difference thanks. I'll be using a transfer seat and when the time comes down the road, I'll probably change to driving from the chair. That's years down the road though.

          Looking at the Chrysler, it may be a better deal. Newer design and technology. Any opinions
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            I have a 2017 Braun Chrysler Pacifica with fold-out ramp. Coming from a 2008 Toyota Sienna. The Pacifica has much more interior room/head room, which at 6'4, is very important. I use a Permobil F3, and sit in the front right passenger area. The Sienna was very reliable, only requiring regular maintenance. That was my one concern switching from a Toyota to Chrysler, but so far (only 8k miles), no issues (knock on wood).


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              Thanks LR, I've had a 2000 Chrysler Limited (164k miles) with VMI in-floor. Never had a problem with the van itself. The conversion I've had challenges with it in the early years. So far, besides it being slow, the conversion is okay.

              I think the model van bought makes a difference. I doubt any lower end Chrysler van would have stood up to the rigors put through mine for 20 years. I'm 6'2 so is good to now the Pacifica has more rear room.