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need parts for tnt portable hand control

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  • need parts for tnt portable hand control

    Hi all,

    need parts for tnt portable hand control but the website has been down for months now and I'm not sure where to find the parts. I have this. Any ideas?

    T7 Incomplete from 1989

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    You might have to cannibalize another set for parts. Check for used on eBay.

    Perhaps the company is out of business. Could only find this previous contact information for might try calling or sending a snail mail:

    TNT Portable, Inc.
    8419 Oak View Drive
    Chattanooga, TN 37421

    Phone: (423) 6489-5500 or (866) 423-2402
    Fax: (423) 855-0710

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      What parts do you need? Might see if a machine shop could make or fix what you have.


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        No parts are available they shut down their business and sold all their left over stock. I own a dme and they used to be one of my suppliers.