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Backrest recommendations for new Permobil M300

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    Backrest recommendations for new Permobil M300

    Hello everyone,
    I may be getting a new Permobil M300 power chair soon and I'm looking for recommendations on what type of backrest to get. I have pretty severe scoliosis and need a backrest that can offer great lateral support. My current M300 has a standard flat backrest with lateral supports on each side. While this helps, I'm sure there's something better out there. I still get quite a bit of back pain and I'm starting to get skin irritations from one of the lateral supports. The physical therapist that's helping me order the new M300 suggested a Pin Dot custom backrest. Anyone here have experience with those? Is it comfortable? Does it support you in the spot you really need it?

    I know there are plenty of backrests that offer built-in lateral supports but those are no good to me, I do a sliding board transfer and I'm concerned the side of the backrest would be in my way. On my current chair, the lateral supports are swing away so my CNA can open them prior to my transferring to/from the chair and then lock them back.

    Anyone have experience with the Roho Agility backrests? They look pretty comfortable but I'm looking for something similar where more air could be added easily as needed, for example something with a built-in air pump to get more lower back support as needed. Does anything like that exist?

    Thanks in advance for any info you can provide!
    Dan G. in CT

    I do not have any experience with pin dot but I did have an agility backrest previously. I had the minimum contour which only had the air pad up and down the middle. Personally I didn’t find the small aioad to be helpful and would forget to air it up regularly until I was in pain and realized it was deflated. Currently I use the comfort company acta back deep contour with the bars. With this one when I get my new one though I will be getting the acta back with the boa adjustment which I tested and like much better than the bars as it really allows the back to conform to me. I think you are on the right track sticking to swing away laterals for your needs. The integrated ones definitely impact transfers and don’t allow for nearly as much adjustment.