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Need help on Calf Strap Size

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  • Need help on Calf Strap Size

    I need help on which size calf strap from Bodypoint would fit my chair the best. small, medium or large, the width of my chair is 16" and the width on the down tube that goes to my footplate is 13".
    I checked the chart size in the Bodypoint web-site but not sure which size would give me that perfect fit.
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    You can go to this page, scroll to the bottom and click "Sizing." You need to take the size of your calves into consideration as shown.


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      We just put a small Bodypoint on my son's chair. I like it and so does be, I would make the following comments based on my experience.

      1) go larger then smaller. I would have gone with a medium even though when you measure small is the right size. The reason is, that the Bodypoint has some structure, which is a good thing. The longer strap you to have more room for your legs past the down tubes. You can see from the attached photos, the strap could be longer and give him more from on the footplate. 2) They way they attached is velcro is added to your down tubes then you wrap the arms around but they don't hold very well. I had to add straps to keep them in place. Once I did then they don't come off.

      link to image in dropbox . (i could not attach an image sorry)

      I really like them and would buy them again.