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    Hi, I bought gloves while at the New York Abilities Expo in 2016 and would like to find replacement. Do you recognise this or recommend another. It has a grid of silicon "dots" that give good grip on slippery handrims. The dots have flattened and aren't gripping so well now. The velcroed strap was annoying so I cut it off the back. Thanks
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    Can you post a picture of the other side of the glove too? Looks like a motorcycling or cycling or weightlifting gloves.

    Here are a couple I found that might be options:

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      Thanks. The Copral looks closest by mine had a simple velcro tab on the back, not a long strap that wraps around the wrist, which all these have. I took the fixing off the back to the picture isn't really helpful.

      I've just done another search ... so should finf something.
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