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Rio Mobility CEO Bart Kylstra murdered by employee

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  • Rio Mobility CEO Bart Kylstra murdered by employee

    It happened back in November, but I just heard about it this week.

    Hopefully, the company will be able to continue on. Given that they were a very small company and he was the visionary, I'm somewhat skeptical.

    RIP Bart

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    This is awful. The accused (Kim) was the company COO, who had been accused of embezzlement by Kylstra. They were last seen together the evening prior to the discovery of Kylstra's body in his San Francisco office. Kylstra was tased twice and strangled, and Kim was found in possession of a Taser and bloody towels. Could not find any more recent news articles about a trial.

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      This news is awful on several fronts.

      Some details:
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