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Would a Toyota RAV4 be easy to transfer into?

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  • Would a Toyota RAV4 be easy to transfer into?

    I need to rent a vehicle to use for close to a month. Found a great deal on an intermediate says Rav4 or similar. Does anyone drive one of these? My first thought was that it would be nice and the seat height wouldn't be too high to make transfers difficult for me. But now I'm wondering how wide the door opening is...hopefully the front door has a relatively wide angle to provide plenty of space. Maybe I'm just overthinking it and it will be fine. But I have to get a ride to the rental agency and it's about 1/2 hour from me. I'm just worried if I get there and they have the hand controls installed and the vehicle just won't work for me for whatever reason. Hopefully it wouldn't take them long to change them into a different vehicle.

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    Hi My wife has had Rav 4 for so I transfer into and out of occasionally. Personally I think they are easier than cars because its easy to get in /out. Not sure if this is like a hertz or budget rental car place but just a heads up if it is
    what they say they put hand controls in and what they actually do are almost always two different things.So try to talk to actual manager at the location and be specific about what works. Good luck


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      Do you have to get a wheelchair in by yourself? Have your driven/used a 4 door before? I don't think I would have trouble getting into a RAV4 or similar.

      Perhaps you should go 'car shopping' locally for a RAV4 before committing to the rental.
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        Thank you both for the advice. Very helpful...going car shopping locally is a great idea! I will have to pull in the chair by myself, but not all that often. Much of it will be to taxi the kids to and from school. And, fortunately, I don't have to get out of the vehicle when doing that. Otherwise, I can work from home a lot during this month and really minimize having to break down the chair. Which is nice bc I hate doing that in the snow and ice. I used a Jeep Grand Cherokee when I was first injured and it was ok but a little high for my liking. I'm definitely assuming the Rav 4 will be a bit lower than that.