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Gloves for snow?

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  • Gloves for snow?

    I'm headed to Canada on the 31st. coming from Arizona where I wear Hatch 1/2 gloves. Suggestions please for full finger gloves? Preferably avail. through Amazon because of time.
    Thank you!

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    Are you using them for pushing or just warmth? I found leather mittens with a wool liner best. Even when wet you can push and mittens are always warmer than gloves.


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      Agreed on the leather. Leather is the only way to go especially if you have aluminum push rims. Every other material + aluminum push rims + snow/water + pushing = futile. Fleece lined are fine as well.

      It depends if you plan on spending any significant amount of time outside for mittens vs gloves. I've found mittens to be a complete PITA and appreciate the added mobility of gloves, but I also do not spend significant amounts of time outside.

      Heavy wool socks are an absolute must! + wool long johns. the synthetic ones are glorified leggings


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        these look fair. carhartt is to winter work wear as grey poupon is to dijon mustard


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          Originally posted by juniorsenior View Post

          these look fair. carhartt is to winter work wear as grey poupon is to dijon mustard
          I can't be super helpful on this thread because where I live we get "snow" maybe once every other year, but I find this type of glove super annoying. Anything that can't be cinched up around the wrist tends to be pulled forward when braking, such that you might as well be wearing mittens.

          Also, I went out in the weather that counts for "really cold" around here (so like 25 degrees F) with my warmest gloves and found that my fingers were numb from the cold after pushing for maybe 4 blocks. Even before SCI my hands and feet have always been cold (poor circulation I guess?), so it got me to wondering about heated gloves. I used to ride motorcycles and ran into a few people who had heated gloves, many of them were built for snowmobiles, so I did a little research and it turns out some pretty decent looking heated gloves run off of lithium ion batteries are available now (though quite pricey, around $200 for the ones I found). If by some horrific turn of fate I had to move somewhere cold, I think I might invest in a pair of these... though it's probably not worth it for a quick trip to Canada.


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            There aren't many gloves that will keep your hands warm in the extreme cold and snow whilst you're pushing freezing metal rims. It's best to you limit your exposure as once the gloves get wet it's only a matter of minutes till you can't feel your fingers.

            Here, in Sweden, it's been as low as -16c (around 0f) with snow since Christmas and over the years the best solution I've found is to layer your gloves much like your clothing starting with thin cotton or wool glove liners (running gloves) inside a decent pair of warm gloves with a Gore-tex mitt to keep the wind & damp out. It makes it difficult to push but once your hands start to freeze your day is over.

            If you're not pushing yourself then as suggested above some insulated gloves or even better, ski mitts.
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              Agreed on fingers getting cold after pushing 4 blocks+. I mentioned that in my first post about gloves v mittens and mobility.

              As far as those heated gloves, they look nice but if you are running aluminum hand rims they are going to be useless once you get them wet/snow on them. Every material I've found (with the exception of leather) just slide along the handrims when wet, no matter how hard you are trying to choke your penis. I mean hand rim.


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                Get gloves with 3M's thinsulate, it makes a difference.


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                  Oklahoma the weather never knows what it wants can be in 60's then front sweeps though usually with high wind gusts, yesterday 50mph temps drop like a brick with front plus winds dips that wind chill temp quickly.
                  Like posted earlier use layers!
                  I have silk liners, running/sport gloves and usually weather proof gloves. I have several pairs that fit over various layers. Someone posted about poor circulation, here too! Usually no matter layers hands still cool to cold! Wear full finger gloves year round. You might check out summer/lite weight tactical shooting gloves. Forget name but have some from Walmart got on clearance not much ticker than silk liners but like leather on areas like finger's tips.
                  Be careful and check hands when you can and try keep warm!


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                    SportAid has a nice selection. I have a couple pairs and they are well made, fit well and warm.


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                      Originally posted by brian View Post
                      I use these. They're not particularly warm (they're gardening/work gloves), but the rubber offers fantastic grip and water resistance. Wet hands are a lot colder than dry hands..



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                        Brian, have you ever tried wearing a silk glove liner under those gloves? This would make them a lot warmer. Here is an example:


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