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Carbon Matrx Mx2 questions

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  • Carbon Matrx Mx2 questions

    Thank you @fuentejps for pointing me to the Mx2. I thought I had researched every carbon back out there, but this is the first time I've heard of it. I have Reflex Sympathetic Pain Syndrome in my upper back/shoulder, right where the end of my back hits so I need a back w/ padding that rolls over the edge of the shell. I'm demoing a Carbon Roho Agility and that's one of the problems w/the back, the carbon edge goes straight into my back.
    I'm having difficulty finding info other than the promotional poster . I'm hoping users can tell me what the foam is like. Does it curve around the shell? Has anyone tried the super soft or viscose foam options? I'm also trying to figure out their padding to shell ratio, i.e, ADI my 10inch shell=13" actual back after padding. I have a short torso, and was told on the phone they have a 14" back, that after padding becomes 15". 15" is the magic number,but if it's correct, there's only 1 inch of padding, that sounds like a chair I want to quickly roll away from. A 12in w/ 3" of padding making it 15" sounds more like I'm used to. It doesn't sound right, and I'm used to being able to pull up the height of shell then height after on spec sheet, I don't see a form like that on motion concepts site.
    Thank you for your knowledge!

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    I would be interested in any more information on this backrest as well. Looking at switching from an ADI carbon back.